In Love With A Rotting Corpse

by Lee Lucas & HeartScore

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A sad creepy tale about a guy who could not let go of his loved one after she had passed away.


Miranda was 55 when she passed away
I was there holding her hand on that very day
never let it go as she lay still in bed
now it's 20 years later she's still with me
only dead

I'm in love with a rotting corpse
(She's my pretty one you know)
I'm in love with a rotting corpse
(she's my love can't let her go)

Staring at the glaze in her cadever eyes
they're going to take me away one day I would here her cry
clinging to the flesh of her mortal remains
no they're not my dear, no they're not
I will dash out there brains
Then put them in a boiling pot to be later consumed
we will have them for a feast on a halloween moon
for they will fear the day they stepped near this place
and my blade will wipe away any smile on their face

I knew deep in my mind I would have to face that day
when they would eventually try and take my Miranda away
but my love is strong and will not fray
even in all this rot and decay

I'm in love with a rotting corpse
(She's my pretty one you know)
I'm in love with a rotting corpse
(she's my love can't let her go)

Then that dreadful day came they was knocking at my door
it was broke down with force by the long arm of the law
but I was having nothing from their stiff upper lip
there was no way they was gonna take away my stiff

Then with a swish, lash and a slash
I fought them off, yes I thought them off
Now let's fight


They took my love away
it seems that this time the law finally got it's way
for I was much too frail
and I was off to jail

But I never showed no remorse
about my love for a rotten corpse
No I never


released October 30, 2016
Music & Title By Dirk Radloff / Words By Lee Lucas.

Lee Lucas - Vocals - Backing Vocals - Artwork.
HeartScore - Backing Vocals - Guitars - Bass - Drum Programming - Production.



all rights reserved


Lee>>>Lucas Birmingham, UK

Singer song writer, musician. Born and bred in Birmingham England. Influenced by many artists from the 70's mainly Prog, Rock, Electronic, and anything that sounds good.

Main instruments are Keyboards/Guitar/Harmonica and Vocals.

Very versatile musician in the music he produces, that can almost be any genre, though most of his output is in the electronic instrumental field.
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